American Owned & Operated Since 1979

Advantage Fixtures began in 1979 as a Houston distributor for Chicago-based Reflector Hardware Corporation. At the time, the focus was on serving small independent retailers.


Advantage Fixtures

In 1985, the current owner Holly Hubbard was managing Advantage Fixtures. Over time, the distributor began serving larger clients and Holly purchased Advantage from Reflector in 1999 with plans to make it into its own independent company.

Pioneer Plastics

Reflector Hardware acquired Discovery Plastics in 1990, increasing its manufacturing capabilities. In 2003, as Discovery Plastics was in the process of shutting down, Holly began assembling the most talented members of the Discovery staff and created Pioneer Plastics to continue manufacturing acrylic displays for the retail market.


Pioneer Plastics began importing the Slatbox® Product line in 2005. In 2009, in order to better serve our Slatbox® clientele, and promote product recognition, the Slatbox® line moved under the corporation of Advantage Fixtures and became SlatboxAmerica.

Advantage Fixtures Retail Group

In 2012, Advantage Fixtures, Pioneer Plastics and SlatboxAmerica merged into one corporation – Advantage Fixtures Retail Group. The strengths of each company combined to become an even more powerful resource for our clients.